15 Quick Historical Facts On Hemp Fabric

Cannabis wear is shifting from being moderately famous to incredibly known especially amongst the youth today. While we are slipping back to the history of hemp where our ancestors had already identified the benefits of hemp fibers and incorporated into their regular life, we still are unaware of how deep the history of hemp apparels and fibers go.

Before you look for any more cannabis apparels for women or Marijuana strain t-shirts for men, let’s give you a chance to flaunt on the facts!

15 Real Quick Historical Facts On Hemp Fabric

  1. The first hemp rope was built in 26,900 B.C which we found in 1997 in Czechoslovakia.
  2. Hemp was the first plant domesticated by the humans. In fact, the oldest heirloom of human history is a hemp cloth found in Mesopotamia (Current Turkey) which is dated back to 8000 B.C.
  3. The archaeologists of the textile industry found the first traces of woven hemp in Kazakhstan.
  4. By 2700 B.C, almost all cultures of the Middle East, Asia, India, China, Japan, and Africa had included hemp in fabrics, medicine, and food.
  5. Hemp was the world’s largest agricultural crop from 1000 B.C to 1883 A.D used to provide the essentials for living such as fabric, lamp oils, paper, medicines, food, etc.
  6. Almost 90% of all the sailcloth and rigging lines were made from hemp fibers between 500 B.C to 1900 A.D.
  7. According to the studies of the Greek Historian Herodotus, Scythians and Thracians made lines of hemp in 450 B.C.
  8. Herodotus also reported that the Scythians used hemp to weave their fabric used in the funeral rituals.
  9. The classical dressing style of 2nd century B.C included an unsewn fabric of hemp draped and pinned in different ways to create a fashion statement.
  10.  In the 2nd century B.C Han period, the styling depended on the social class of the people. The kings, queen, and the rich people were recorded to be wearing skirts, socks, etc, made of silk while the peasants mostly wore fabrics made of hemp.
  11. Hemp was referred as Canvas and Duck in the 13the century A.D.
  12. The historic moment for America, the stitching of the first American flag in 1776 A.D was done on the hemp fabric.
  13. In the 18th century, a hemp shirt cost less than a dollar while a cotton shirt cost more than 100 dollars.
  14. Hemp has been on and off legal grounds. England lifted the restriction on hemp farming in 1993 A.D and the media broadcasted hemp clothes and the cannabis leaf logo to be the hottest fad.
  15.  While we discussed only the use of hemp in the fabric sector, there are actually 25,000 different uses of hemp.

Interesting, isn’t it? We started off with wearing hemp clothes and today, we have come a full circle after the ban stories to a point where again wearing women 420 hemp apparel is a trend. Fad or not, by choosing hemp-based clothing, we are unknowingly contributing a lot to the environment. With its resilient and strength, hemp fibers are here to stay this time!

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