The future of cannabis fashion in clothing

The weed enthusiasts have always held a unique image of the cannabis leaf. The high regard for marijuana is well reflected in the clothes flaunted by the cannabis leaf lovers as it has graced a range of apparel in the textile industry. Whether T-shirts, socks or hats, marijuana has existed long in the fashion world and in the recent years it has emerged distinctly gaining a place of prominence among big brands. Celebrities and several cannabis activists have contributed immensely to the rising popularity of the weed culture thereby promoting the network between art, weed and fashion.

Cannabis in the apparel market

Products made of hemp have been around since ages and now they are widely available around the globe. Material derived from hemp is strong and fibrous, making it an ideal choice for tailoring garments. There’s a huge apparel collection streaming the market attributing to the cannabis statement and revolution. With the prestigious fashion houses conducting shows, cannabis clothing has emerged as highly popular in designer couture.

While there are several brands that have released sportswear, a range of traditional baseball styled cannabis snapback hats with fancy designs and cool prints are quite a rave. These typically exhibit either the cannabis friendly logo or some kind of statement. Ranging from knee high weed socks to tank tops, such apparel is extremely popular today, inspiring designers to take cannabis fashion to a new level of innovation and creative progression.

What’s in the future?

The fashion industry is widespread and with the high profile designers and cannabis enthusiasts displaying their love for the leaf, cannabis fashion is so much on trend. The styles associated with the spiny leaf such as the Baja hoodie make it even more popular across generations. For some, the weed movement in fashion signifies greater meaning than just fun. It’s more about a design being associated with ‘rebellion’, especially indicating the protest against the question around the leaf’s legal use.

The use of cannabis print in stoner clothing brands also represents a flexible design element where the weed is also perceived as a street-wear icon. The range of cannabis inspired apparel and vape brands are all in vogue catering to both men’s and women’s fashion needs. As cannabis relays the feel good factor, cosy hemp sweatshirts, trendy stoners, hoodies and Tees are available across various brands. Several online clothing retail stores boast of selling apparel made of natural and locally based weed that simultaneously meet the trending demands. By using this highly environmental friendly fabric, prominent creators manufacture some of the most classic and colourful clothing range assuring a bright future for cannabis in the textile sector.

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