A Complete Guide To Set-Up An Organic Clothing Business

Ever since cannabis wear has been introduced in the market, people are looking forward to wearing organic clothing over synthetic ones. This eco-friendly movement of the society is the real chance for us to intensify the revolution by availing more options for the buyers. And there are people keen on setting-up an organic clothing brand but they just don’t know where to start!

Here Is A Complete Guide On How To Set-Up An Organic Clothing Business

  • Set Your Goals. Plan Them Out On Paper

Planning your goals without jotting them on a paper is like daydreaming. You will never get serious until you sketch out what are your plans and how will you move ahead. There are many things to decide when you open a clothing store such as do you want to be an only-online or want to have a physical front as well. Do you want only the stoner clothing brands or everything organic including cotton and linens? What will be the organizational structure? Do you want to have a partner? What is the market situation and what’s your target market? Are there any severe market risks? There are many factors to consider that you must figure out and plan before actually registering your business.

  • Get In Touch With Your State Secretary

You have to register your business and there are different ways you can do that. All the decisions you would have made while planning will decide the registration. Pay the necessary fees and get your business on paper.

  • Apply For A Sales Tax License

There are two people you must keep in the loop while doing this, a lawyer and chartered accountant. Understand the laws as well as sales tax and other tax that you will have to pay and apply for a sales tax license.

  • Find A Finance Partner

If you are willing to go with only the marijuana strain t-shirts, there could be a problem finding a financer for you from the conventional options. You may have to look for banks who deal with cannabis businesses but this is what you can’t ignore. Start finding a financer immediately after you have a plan ready. This should be a simultaneous process.

  • Find A Perfect Spot If You Also Want A Physical Store

If you are going to be just an online front, it’s fine. You might have to have a strong marketing strategy. But if you want a physical spot, make sure you lease a perfect space. Think strategically.

  • Pick Your Suppliers, Wholesalers Wisely

There are many brands who are solely focused on producing hemp clothes. And there are some like Cannabis Life Apparels who support the cause of hemp and cannabis using other organic fabrics as well. Pick your suppliers and wholesalers who align with your ideas.

  • Let The World Know!

As soon as you get two things- a financer and your license, you must let the word out about your venture. Use the social mediums to build a customer base by sharing ‘In-progress’ status and market the venture the right way. You can also approach environmentalists or NGOs for marketing your brand by giving a talk or something.

That’s all you need to do! Of course, there are other things but once you start building the business, you will get adjusted to the norms. And here is the tip: Millennials and the Z-generation love to try different things. Make sure you have some trendy options like cannabis snapback hats, bags, etc.

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