Cannabis Fashion Stirs the Iconic Era

Cannabis Fashion Stirs the Iconic Era

Fashion industry introduce new trends on almost daily basis but only few can get success in race of emerging trends. It also depends on people how they get a sensible fashion statement from a crap. To keep the balance between looking stylish and sensible. When weed is getting fame over its recreational uses, then how is it even possible fashion industry can left behind. Fashion gurus are always in search of new and unique ideas for their upcoming collections. When cannabis gain much attention then fashion industry start making clothing line inspired by this green leafy plant. This gave a revolutionary change in fashion era, molding its direction from embellished attires to carefree apparels.

Rock those tees

T-shirts are considered one of the basic garments for many decades ago. But fashion industry keep playing with unique style and prints with a bit of alteration in basic structure of t-shirt. When marijuana inspired clothing line launched no one knows at that time, that it will gain such popularity across the globe. From t-shirts with marijuana logo to shirts having holes all across them have gained much fame and everyone accepted them with open arms. As things become boring when kept same for a long time, just for sake of twist in marijuana inspired clothing line new terps t shirt range is launched. These t-shirts are not only available in local market but can also found on online stores. Now stoners and pot head can bring a revolution in their clothes.

Accessories for the win

No look is completed without adding bling to it. Yes! Accessories can even lift up the boring look. Marijuana also left its permanent mark on accessory line. Many of us often witness clips, pins, bracelets, cups, mugs, posters, mats and many other articles with marijuana logo printed on it. This lead to formation of a new category named as Cannabis Accessories. This gives a chance to stoners to glam up their carefree baggy look.

Hat for the rescue

Hat being iconic, are used since the cowboy time and even it’s a must-have for royals. But when cannabis trend introduced, it even took the hat fashion by storm. Different hat styles were seen in market with having a marijuana logo over it or having marijuana leaves either attached or printed over it. These cannabis strain hats also got a huge acceptance by fashion icons, giving a new era of styling.

Now shop online

Everyone loves shopping and wants to look up-dated in all aspects to make ordinary looks extraordinary. Whether it’s a local market or online shopping store, every mode of shopping is hot favorite for shopping lovers. There are tons of websites providing opportunity to the stoners to shop, including stoners and 420 clothing and accessories stores. Making easy life for lazy stoners to shop at just one click. Making a revolutionary change in lifestyles of stoners and potheads.

Make a statement with socks

Socks are essentially used for warmth purpose. But in modern age, everything is going trendy. Once a new fashion is evolved every industry tend to make products under its inspiration. Same is the case with cannabis trend, these green leafs also affected these tiny creatures (socks). Socks comes in different sizes from ankle socks to knee high socks, ever bit of them have got marijuana flora. Even a trend of wearing knee high weed socks under dress get a fame in teenagers and even some ladies and gents also spotted wearing them. Cannabis trend also got a big yes by famous celebrities, models, and famous personalities.

Think outside the box

With a desire of creating clothes and accessories that are glamorous, wearable and chic, many designers featured number of clothing lines and flora and fauna to their attire. But with cannabis trend, the collection had silhouettes taking the embellishments to a carefree style. In the cannabis trend, designers have fused fragility of green leafy plant with modern age. This gives a different standard to your life from being sophisticated to carefree style. It seems hectic to be dressed and all composed all the time, at last, there is a point comes when it becomes intolerable. It’s the same point from were cannabis emerge and influence our freedom. Cannabis trend inspired by the visuals of richest flora the nature has to offer, the entire collection tends to capture every bit of it. This enough fashion debate over green gives us a valid point to give it a try and enjoy a slightly different site of fashion.

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