Rasta and Reggae Clothing Culture Trend


Along with the legalization of marijuana in a lot of countries and most states of the United States comes the great advantage of having a new idea or concept to inspire designers of any type. The growing acceptance of the reggae and Rastafarian culture has made it possible for society to broaden their horizon of expectations and move away from the corny hats covered in Jamaican flag colors and Bob Marley phrases.

Traditional Rastafari Apparel

What we now associate with typical Rasta clothing may have the Pan African colors green, yellow, and red, but they are used in different tones, styles, and combinations to create trendy clothing and accessories.

The style basically consists of simple, comfortable and vibrant-colored garments that make the person look cool, relaxed and natural. The colors are a must if you want to keep things traditional, but not necessarily do you need to find green, yellow, and red, in each part of your clothing, you can combine them in different ways and this is what designers exploit. Your entire outfit may make up the colors, like a red tee with a green and yellow shirt.

Because of the relaxed look that this trend aims for, most of the garments are casual, like tees, tanks, sweats, jeans, pants, and accessories like bags, belts, bands, watches, and hats. Also, in the list, there are bathing suits and clothing normally worn in the beach. 

Hairstyles, tattoos and body perforations

No longer are dreadlocks a sign of lazy and maybe even unhygienic people. Now, celebrities and other eminent people that society views as role models use them in high-fashion shows and in gorgeous styles. It used to be that you could get dreadlocks done only in the stands found by the beach, in some tattoo and piercing shops or in Rastafari stores. Now even salons and beauty parlors have them listed among the services they offer. With the years, cultures got mixed and out of that blender came the image we have of pierced, tattooed, and maybe even ear tunnels we associate with that lifestyle.

Cannabis Inspired Apparel, Accessories and Product lines

At first, cannabis was used in the Rastafari culture to achieve the cool appearance mentioned before. But now, marijuana is far more accepted and used than any of the other aspects of Rastafari culture. Much like the now super trendy dreadlocks, ear tunnels, and Pan African colors, weed has inspired entire lines of marijuana products and accessories and what is known as 420 clothing brands. The entire purpose of these brands is to depict the green plant in a positive light as well as make the life of the new-age ‘potheads’ simpler.

  • Stoner clothing brands range from casual clothing, trippy leggings, sweaters, shirts, socks, and shoes that depict beautiful patterns as well as original designs born of the marijuana leaves, to blouses, nightdresses, ties, and other garments that have the famous leaf in any form. Also in this category, are cannabis apparel hats that use not only the leaf but also words to make funny and ingenious wordplay games.
  • Accessory brands cover each and every type of garment that could complete your outfit and make you look gorgeous. Among them are beautiful leather handbags and purses, gold and silver jewelry with precious stones, watches with encrusted stones, and glasses that all show the leaf in artfully and sometimes high-end ways.
  • Product lines offer:
    1. Skin care and protection creams, lip balms, and lotions that are crafted with first-class botanical and herbal extracts, Cannabis Sativa (hemp) seed oil, and amazing flavors, colors, and wonderful essences. All of it vegan-friendly.
    2. Super chic pipes in the form of fruits or with girly patterns, and pretty as well as flavorful rolling papers with cute fruits stamped all over them.
    3. High-society 24k necklaces that work as roach clips, purses that come with a key to keep for stuff safe from intruding hands, handsome stash jars as well as vaporizers, and other tools.

As you can see what now makes the stoner outfits for guys and girls goes farther and Bob Marley shirts and green-yellow-red outfit combinations. Now you can think carefully about what to wear and utilize, and choose brands that will show just how accepting or deep in the lifestyle you are. Your outfits are more than just the clothes, accessories, and jewelry worn, it is important that the contents of your purse, the products in your hair, and the creams used to make your skin and lips look as good as they do, match the statement you’re trying to make.


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