Cannabis Clothing – is a New Fashion Trend in Youngsters

cannabis_clothing.jpgThe cannabis trend finds its way into the fashion industry as well after creating waves in the health, wellness and beauty industries. With more and more designers and brands incorporating the controversial cannabis leaf motif in their designs, the demand for cannabis clothing is at an all-time high (pun intended). The fashion industry has always taken inspiration from the current happenings and looks to incorporate it in clothing and accessories in its unique way. Right now, with cannabis trending more than anything and more than ever this trend should come as no surprise.

The Gen Y with its no-nonsense approach is quite at the heart of most movements happening right now and especially the pro-cannabis movement. Youngsters are quite literally wearing their heart on the sleeves with cannabis clothing, which they see as a cool way to make a statement about their stance on cannabis regulations. This has emerged to become quite a fashion statement among youngsters. To show their solidarity with the pro-cannabis movement and even their support for medical cannabis people are sporting trend like Cannabis Life Apparel’s line of t-shirts and accessories bearing cannabis posters and messages.

Hemp and cannabis have been prevalently used by mankind in the past in all quarters of life from food to clothing, building and even medicine. But the later generations have denied the benefits of this plant and its compounds. Hemp is also seen as a sustainable material that requires less water restores the soil’s nutrients leaving it fertile for the next crop. Through such movements, we can break the stigma surrounding the plant and discover its true potential in improving the quality of our life.

Stars sporting the trend


Top fashion houses like Mara Hoffman and Alexander Wang have used the cannabis leaf designs in their Spring and Fall collections. From hip-hop stars to pop singers and activists, the trend has been adorned by all. Remember the time pop singer and vocal cannabis fan Rihanna was spotted carrying a leather bag with a giant cannabis leaf embossed on it? Apart from cannabis clothing lines, the cannabis leaf has been featured in designer fine jewelry including diamond earrings, necklaces, rings and even clutches. Longtime cannabis activist Bianca Barnhill was recently spotted in one of these cannabis inspired diamond earrings on her visit to the White House, quite a way to make a fashion ‘statement’, ain’t it?

With even celebrities who are looked upon as fashion icons and trendsetters sporting the trend, it has become the latest fashion trend among youngsters. Cannabis clothing has become one of the popular mediums used to spread the awareness to the masses.

The trend does not necessarily mean everyone sporting it is a stoner, cannabis apparel has today evolved from mere stoner stereotypes and represents many other things. Today, it represents freedom of expression and the pressing issue of cannabis legalization. With more and more people embracing the concept of cannabis legalisation, sporting the controversial symbol in your cannabis apparel is no more socially unacceptable.

Cannabis apparel – High on Fashion


Cannabis clothing has taken the cannabis awareness and education efforts to a whole new level through this latest medium of fashion. This fashion not trend is not just limited to cannabis leaf motifs, the industry is also embracing the idea of hemp as a fabric in the future and other interesting ways it can be incorporated in fashion. Fashion is said to be an instant language and this language is trending enormously to serve the cause of spreading the word on the benefits of the plant. Cannabis clothing is garnering the support of cannabis activists and supporters across the country who sport the cannabis apparel trend as they perceive it as an effortlessly cool way to spread the message.

The best part about the trend is that this is not just for the fashion conscious, this is for the ‘conscious’- be it health, rights or freedom. Trends come and go and will be replaced by other trends, but movements cannot be replaced, those will be etched in history.

Cannabis Life Apparel

Through the instant language of fashion, Cannabis Life – cannabis apparel aims to spread the awareness and education about cannabis and CBD. Our cannabis clothing line is designed to spread the message through minimalist designs and powerful statements chosen to break the stigma and address the smear campaigns aimed at cannabis.

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